3,003 down, 96,997 to go

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My New Project

What's this? An update? He's not dead!

That's right folks, I'm not dead nor have I stopped drawing. As a matter of fact, I'm drawing more now then ever.

Earlier this year I started my very own webcomic, 'The Principal is an Alien'. It's a comic about a group of young friends and their adventures at an elementary school where weird things happen. This has taken up the bulk of my time and of course this blog fell to the wayside.

In the time since I last updated this, I've made a huge dent in my 100,000 drawings, I just haven't kept track of them all. The progress seemed more important then the numbers (I'm doing character design, basic coloring and shading now, something I hadn't considered a year ago).

In any case, if you'd like to keep up on my progress, please, check out the comic!