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Drawing Jams!

Fret not, I haven't forgotten my blog! See, a funny thing happened.
I went on vacation for two weeks (no internet access). Then I came home to a fried motherboard.
Ordered new computer parts, waited a week, got those. Put together the computer, cheered. Then discovered I was shipped a bad memory chip. Sigh.

This past week I finally got myself up and running again and I'm just now starting to scan from my sketchbook. You'll see updates the next couple of days as I put all those pages up.

I have been keeping myself busy however. TJ from the original One Hundred Thousand Bad Drawings started a Drawing Jam blog to expand on the once in a while jams he did before. Even though I'm probably the least skilled of the folks participating in it, I'm still drawing as many as I can.

Check out the Drawing Jams Blog site to see some of their work...and check back here later for my other sketchbook posts:)

Below are the two Drawing Jams I did the past two weeks. The first theme was 'Love', and the second theme was 'Light'.