3,003 down, 96,997 to go

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Inspirational Paradoxes

So, apparently at least one other person follows this blog, TJ Collins, which is pretty damn cool cause he's the one who inspired me to start this blog. Well, it turns out that I'm helping to inspire him to draw more....but he inspired me to draw first. It's like a weird sort of Paradox....I can live with that:)

Anyhow, over on TJ's blog he stated he was trying a new exercise, and I thought I'd try to adopt it a bit. Granted, I don't think I have as much time as he does, so mine might be a lil more staggered and less, but it's a good idea nonetheless. It works like this.

Each day follow this drawing routine:
*A page of 60-90 second gestures from Posemaniacs
*A Face (charactiture, portrait, whatever).
*A Figure Study (Full body, with or without clothes).
*A Cartoon character

So, I decieded tonight I would try it. I did three of the four...didnt do the figure study cause I sort of ran out of time (its been a busy night).

I have a feeling the gesture drawings are going to be the hardest, yet the most useful of all the drawings I'm going to do. As you can see on these ones, they look very incomplete. The reason behind that is simple: I ran out of time. I was concentrating too much on one part or another and the 90 second countdown finished before I could do the entire drawing. Learning what to draw first to complete the picture is going to be quite a task.

The face's I did are supposed to be Lance Armstrong and Dale Earnhardt Jr...the later one didn't come out very well. The cartoon character: Brent from PVPOnline.

Anyhow...it's new method and I'm hopeful it'll work out well for me.

Monday, February 16, 2009

"Meh" Scribbles

Well, I've been working on another project, one I'm not ready to post up here yet (when I am ready I'll put it all up here, I swear!). In between working on that project I wanted to continue practicing other things, but this weekend was a real "meh" weekend for some reason. Well, probably "meh" because I was so busy with homework, Valentines Day stuff, etc, that by the time I got to drawing I was just tired.

Oh well, got a few done at least, might as well toss them up :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time Management Skills....

...are something apparently I have been lacking lately. I'm only taking one art class at a time since that's all I can fit in and work at the same time. Nonetheless, I've been rather busy with it. I don't think 2-D Design comes naturally to me :) Anyhow, my sketching has been suffering so the past couple of days I've been trying to wring something out of my drawing hand and get some sketches to appear.

I've also been practicing with Adobe Illustrator. That consumed me for at least a week til I figured out how to properly use it (something I'm still working on). When I get finished with those works, I'll post'em as well.