3,003 down, 96,997 to go

Friday, October 31, 2008

Scribble scribble scribble

And some more drawings I did while watching the New England Revolution take on the Chicago Fire. The first page was 'meh', the second page I think I'm actually pleased with. Good for practice.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some Weeks...

These past two weeks have been rather bad on my drawing....
Last week I made plans to push through and finish a long running project to insulate my garage. The walls were done, but I had to put insulation on the ceiling and then boards up on it to cover that. Now, putting insulation up isn't THAT hard, but when it's just one person you have to cut them into pieces that you can handle by yourself and staple away. Then a staple gun broke so I had to get a new one. After the insulation went up I got a drywall lift to put up the boards...first one didn't work so I had to take it back to the rental place and grabbed another one.
Spent my entire weekend doing that...oy...the back, it hurts. But it's done and hopefully the garage will be warmer (and less cold air will get into the house).

Then this week I've been thrown all out of synch. I normally bike into work, but I had to get the battery repaired for my headlight (it's too dark to bike without it), so I've had to drive in and that throws me off. One day I forgot lunch, the next day I broke the carrots and applesauce, but not the hot pocket. Ugh...

Of course, because I was doing that it was interrupting my drawing time. My friends and I, of course, choose that week to start our 'Idiom/Saying of the Week' challenge. My idiom was "Playing it by Ear". My drawing....was obvious and less then good. I'm not happy with it even remotely...but it's done, so I'm posting it. It's bad...but then again, the name of this blog isn't "100,000 more good drawings" :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scribble scribble

Wow, what another witty title, eh? Just some scribbles from the past couple of days. Did most of them while watching TV. Can you guess which sport I was watching at one point?

In other news, T. Jayenti Collins has started posting in his blog, 100,000 Bad Drawings, again. This is the fellow who inspired me to start this blog, with the same goal: getting all my bad drawings out of the way. If those drawings he's posting are his bad ones, he's got a heck of a future ahead of him :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Idioms and Sketches

A friend of mine is from Italy and has been learning English. Frankly, I think he speaks it a lot better then me (an English Major), but he still goes out of his way to learn as much as he can about it. He introduced me to a web site called Idiom-A-Day. It's an interesting little website as it gives you a common phrase/slang/proverb/saying/etc and helps you learn how to use it. It seems to be a nice learning tool for those figuring out english.

I'd long wanted to do some sort of a Sketch a Day Excersise, as I'd seen the folks over at Draw Sucka Draw do their 'Sketches from a Hat'. While it's not exactly the same, I figure I could go to this site, get a phrase, and then try to draw something based off it. My goal is to do one a day, but I'll have to work my way up to that...Im spending most of my time still getting the hang of this of course.

Anyhow, here is my first Idiom of the Day: The phrase yesterday was 'Hammer (something) Home'. I got this idea while at work and sketched it out over lunch, then I brought it home (folded up nice and neat in my bike bags so it'd be protected for the 30 minute ride), scanned in the original, printed it out, inked it up and viola. I hope it's a good start.

And below, some practice sketches over the past couple of days. I'm still hoping to continue the practice of copying some other peoples art to learn how they do it, as is evidenced in at least one of these sketches.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hands and Torsos

Over the past couple of days I've just been scribbling while sitting in front of the TV. No goal in mind other then some pose practice and hand practice. I've so far learned two lessons:
1) In cartoons, its very easy to make torsos too long. The characters come out looking very strange and dis-proportionate (is that even a word?).
2) Cartoon hands are really easy when you get down to it...its when you think of real hands and try to draw them cartoony that you have problems.

Oh, I also realized I need to get out my other scanner for the paper I'm using now (I've had a ton of paper printed on one side that I've been using, just to get it out of the way and not waste it). You can see on one or two of the scans I've done that it cuts off parts or the light drifts in. That's just because the paper is bigger then the scanner bed.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Scribbles

And here's another collection of bad drawings from this weekend. Nothing much, just practicing a few poses and trying out some hands. Who knew it was so hard to draw someone sitting down? Definitely need to work on that one.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Nothing Witty

Nope, nothing witty to say about this one. Just some scribbles and body practice while watching TV. It ain't much, but considering all the distractions I had this week, I'm glad to have sat down and drawn something.